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Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen Connecticut Historical SocietyKatharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen

April 11, 2014 – September 13, 2014

With a stage and film career that spanned six decades, Katharine Hepburn is an American icon. Born and raised in Connecticut, Hepburn’s career in stage, film and television reflected the changing role of women in the broader society. Challenging the norms of the day, she took control of her image and identity by establishing a unique sense of style which influenced countless women, fashion designers, and the informal, elegant approach to American style that continues to resonate today. This limited-time exhibition features stage costumes from The Philadelphia Story and Coco; screen costumes from films like Adam’s Rib and Stage Door; an ensemble of her signature tailored beige trousers and linen jackets; as well as vintage posters, playbills, photos, and other Hepburn-related artifacts. For its only New England appearance, stories about Hepburn’s life in Connecticut, as well as items from CHS’s collection, will be added to the display.

To find out how you can help support the exhibit and see a list of exhibit-related programs, visit chs.org/Hepburn.

Lent by Kent State University Museum.


Making Connecticut

Don't miss this exhibit 400+ years in the making! Colorful, interactive, and filled with more than 500 historic objects, images, and documents, Making Connecticut is the story of all the people of Connecticut, from the 1500s through today. Themes of daily life, clothing, transportation, sports and leisure, work, and social change run throughout the exhibit. Hands-on activities for kids (and adults!) include working a World War II assembly line, hand stenciling designs for a 19th-century chair, sewing a Native American moccasin, replacing bobbins in a textile mill, and cooking a meal and setting the table in both a colonial and a 1980s kitchen. Come be surprised, inspired, and amused as you explore our state's past and your own place in "Making Connecticut."

Inn & Tavern Signs

Between 1750 and 1850, there were more than 50,000 inn and tavern signs produced by American painters, creating a distinct visual language and offering a glimpse into tavern life, travel, and patriotic ideals in early America. Only a fraction of these signs survive. The Connecticut Historical Society's collection numbering more than 60 signs is by far the largest and most spectacular in the country. Learn more about the sign for Carter's Inn in the Collection Highlights gallery. A book about our inn and tavern sign collection is also available on-site and online through our store.

Connecticut Connections | Connecticut CollectionsTry It! Connecticut Places, People, Collections, & Me

The Connecticut Historical Society has been preserving and sharing the stories of what makes this state unique for almost 200 years. If you live in Connecticut now, had ancestors here long ago, or just enjoy visiting, you are part of this story. Share your story by marking your place a on the Connecticut map, dressing up a marble bust, smelling Connecticut scents to evoke memories, taking and sharing "vintage" photos, or being your own curator in this fully interactive gallery.

Veeder Living Room

The Connecticut Historical Society is located in a Colonial Revival mansion originally owned by inventor Curtis Veeder. Veeder graduated from Lehigh University in 1886 with a Masters of Engineering degree and moved to Hartford to start his own company. The Veeder Manufacturing Company produced counting and precision manufacturing devices--all invented and designed by Veeder himself. An exhibit in the original living room of the house (which Veeder had built in 1928) features wall labels, blow-ups of the original blueprints, and an interactive touchscreen explaining the history of the building and the Veeder family.

At the Old State House

History is All Around Us

The Connecticut Historical Society created this interactive, multimedia exhibit about the history of Hartford and the history "all around us" for the Mortensen Gallery at Connecticut's Old State House. Explore history in the places we live, the things that we use every day, and the actions we take. Build and re-build Hartford over time on the large-scale floor map, find out about the era of urban renewal and its effects on the city, delight in everyday objects from long ago (and not so long ago!), come face-to-face with a 1912 steam-powered fire engine, encounter creative and innovative people who have made a difference, and consider your own place in history. Connecticut's Old State House is located at 800 Main Street, Hartford. For information on visiting: www.ctosh.org.






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